#1 - The Spreadsheet

Sheetly has fully embraced the spreadsheet approach to data. This is essential, according to us, because most web store owners work with a spreadsheet on a daily basis. You’re familiar with it and you know how to handle it. True, it’s chaotic at times but we’ve made significant improvements to fix this.

This means that whatever mess of a data you put inside our system, Sheetly will help you sort it out in the most familiar way there is to sort out data. The widgets and tools we’ve built will help you enrich your data so that your products are pitch perfect when you publish them to your eCommerce platform.

ecommerce spreadsheet sheetly


#2 - Real-time

Absolutely everything you do in Sheetly will be done real-time even the whole validation of your product data. You won’t have to wait a few minutes for your actions to take effect just like it happens with most other systems. Just like in Google Sheets, what you do is autosaved. So, you shouldn’t worry about losing your data because you once again forgot to click the save button.

real time validation


#3 - Inheritance

Sheetly paves the road to multi-store management with the help of inheritance. Your stores will inherit data from the core of our spreadsheet and let you edit where necessary. Having in mind that all product data is subjective and different environments require bespoke presentations, inheritance plays a great part in our approach to enable multi-store management.

inherited data in the spreadsheet

Tech friendly

#4 - Out of the Box

The user-friendly experience Sheetly will offer with the help of the spreadsheet together with the tools and widgets we’ve built make it extremely easy to get started with a system like Sheetly. And yet it’s powerful enough to do exactly what needs to be done for your product data and even more...

highlights on the spreadsheet Sheetly