What is PIM?

PIM stands for product information management and in its core is all the actions a person does to manage the information required to sell and market one single product.

This is everything from name, image, and description to product stories, specific product information such as measurement, etc.

What is a PIM system?

A product information management system is the software you use to collect all of your webshop data, so you can organize, improve and then distribute it to all sales channels.


What type of product data needs to be managed?

Important product data such as SKU, Name, Description

Business information such as Price, Customer Reviews

Product relationships such as Categories, Variations, Cross-sell, Up-sell and Related

Industrial specifications such as Measurements and Materials

Files such as Images, Videos, CSV files

Digital marketing data such as SEO, Keywords, Meta Titles, and Meta Descriptions

Supplier and manufacturer data such as Shipping costs

Channel-specific and multi-store local data such as Translations

Who needs a PIM system?

icon sales woman

Sales teams and customer support

who need accurate product information that is easily accessible

icon ecommerce manager

Ecommerce managers

who need to improve conversion rates and update product information

icon marketing team

Marketing teams

who need to create a lot of content to deliver a consistent user experience

icon of brands


who need to strengthen their relationship with suppliers and retailers

icon customer

Your very own customers

who want to buy from a webshop they can trust

Why PIM?

Because products matter... Product information management has been around ever since the dawn of commerce. Every webshop owner is doing it in some form. It’s an important part of managing an eCommerce store and just like CRM and ERP, PIM is always going to be an existing business necessity.

With the digitalization of information and the rise of omnichannel, now more than ever webshop owners need to pay attention to their product data. It won’t change what needs to be done. What it will do, though, is open up new doors and opportunities.

It will empower you to deliver a consistent and accurate user experience to all sales channels and communicate what you sell in the best way possible.

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And what better way to do PIM than in the familiar spreadsheet made better just for this purpose?

Sheetly will be the PIM solution for you. It will give you the familiarity of the spreadsheet and empower you further with its tools for data management.

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