Everything happens within the spreadsheet

In Sheetly, you will have a spreadsheet for your products, your files, and your categories. This way you will be able to work and organize your products in a very user-friendly environment, which includes relevant possibilities through a right-click mouse menu. Trust us, creating configurable/variant products could never be easier. And not to mention that everything you do will be automatically saved by Sheetly.

spreadsheet right click screenshot

Widgets & Actions

Edit in bulk

Working in a spreadsheet even means that most of your actions will be done in bulk. This includes editing multiple products at once, deleting them at once, publishing them at once, assigning categories in bulk and assigning cross-sell, up-sell and related to multiple products at once.

bulk update products screenshot


Different data perspectives

Just like a normal spreadsheet, you will be given the opportunity to add, change or remove columns in order to get a different perspective of your data. Furthermore, your webshop data doesn’t always have to be a spreadsheet. You can browse through your products in Gallery View, which will provide you with a new sense of your product images.

gif of different data perspectives in the spreadsheet

Widgets & Actions

Quickly assign categories

Categories could never been done this easy. You click on a product, select the category and quickly move to the next. Categories will get their own sheet, too, where you are able to add, organize and enhance them.

ecommerce category assignment in the spreadsheet screenshot


Befriend your products with other data

Relationships such as cross-sell, up-sell and related products can be done within the spreadsheet, too. You will be able to assign relationships to files and categories and even make them channel-specific.

assign cross-sell, up-sell, related products in spreadsheet

Widgets & Actions

Organize your product images quickly

Sheetly has a very powerful widget to help you quickly assign images to your products. Selecting a primary, thumbnail and base image will happen with very few clicks. The order of the product pictures can be dragged and dropped easily. Sounds quicker than what you’re used to, right?

assign product images in spreadsheet screenshot

Widgets & Actions

Put the most important products in drawers

Well, not exactly. We call them collections. You will be able to create any collection you want and put an infinite number of products inside. This will help you pay special attention to products that don’t match to the same filter but you want them together like Best Sellers, for example. Your CSV import products will also automatically be put in a collection created by Sheetly with the specific date you did the import on.

apply collections in spreadsheet screenshot


And all of this is mistake-free

We call it validation. Through every product management step, your data will be validated in Sheetly. You will have pre-set validations that comply to eCommerce platforms but you will also have the ability to create your own validation rules. With the help of validation, everything you do that has mistakes in it will be marked red or yellow. Red is for critical and yellow is for a warning. Watch out for validations in the sheet because these are the mistakes you have to pay attention to.

This will provide your users with a better experience on your website without much effort on your part.

validate ecommerce products in spreadsheet screenshot

The Spreadsheet Helpers and More

Here are all the other features that empower the product spreadsheet


The widgets will be available within the spreadsheet to help you do things like category assignment


The toolbar will give you the opportunity to bookmark things for easier access later


Slice and dice your data by collections, categories or filters and find what you're looking for

Contextual toolbar

The contextual toolbar will help you pick the right widgets for the sheet you're in


You will be able to organize all of your data types, also called attributes