eCommerce Platform Synchronisation

Whatever you’re working on, whether you’ve just started or if you’ve made a very insignificant change, could be synchronized to your eCommerce platform. It’s an action that will be done in seconds and will update immediately the information in your webshop platform.

synchronise with your ecommerce platform


CSV Export

Wanna keep a record of your data? Wanna have a file to easily distribute to other sources? Export all data to a CSV file on your personal computer. Cool, right?

export your data out of the spreadsheet


The Old Fashioned Way: Copy and Paste

It’s a spreadsheet after all. If you wanna export or put your product data somewhere out of the spreadsheet, you will be able to easily copy the cells with your ready data and paste them into any other document. Easy as that.

copy and paste in the spreadsheet


Multi-store management

Have a Spanish store? Have an Instagram business profile? Add it to Sheetly. It will appear as a second sheet tab and you can easily work through one store and another and update your products. They will be duplicated from the Base sheet but with some data in Spanish. Si?

multi store management ecommerce


All of the above is mistake-free

With the help of validation, everything you do that has mistakes in it will be marked red or yellow. Red is for critical and yellow is for a warning. Watch out for validations in the tools because these are the mistakes you have to pay attention to.

validate products in the spreadsheet