Connect with your eCommerce platform

Each platform Sheetly integrates with has its own connector. Once you connect your web store to Sheetly, all of your data will be uploaded to Sheetly's spreadsheets: the product spreadsheet, the file spreadsheet, and the category spreadsheet. They will help you manage each aspect of your data individually. Easy-peasy!

ecommerce platform connect


CSV Import

If you have your products laying around in a supplier spreadsheet somewhere, you can easily import them to Sheetly. In the process of uploading your CSV file, Sheetly will review the data and match to the right columns with your help.

csv import products ecommerce


Just Start Typing

Another way you will be able to create your products is by starting to type in the product spreadsheet. This will immediately create a new product, which you can start working on right away. Cool, right?

gif typing in a spreadsheet


The Old Fashioned Way: Copy and Paste

It’s a spreadsheet after all. You will be able to copy data out of any other spreadsheet and paste it into Sheetly. This way, you immediately create new products easy. But beware, all the columns must match the original source, otherwise it might be a bit chaotic.

gif copy paste in a spreadsheet


Inherited data

The spreadsheet has a function that we call inheritance. What it does is inherit all the original data from the Base to all of your other stores. Everything you change that has already been inherited from Base will be colored in blue so you can have it distinguished. This feature will save you time by avoiding unnecessary work like transferring your data from one store to another.

inherited data in the spreadsheet


And all of the above is mistake-free

That’s right. We have validation, which basically means that all possible mistakes you make will be highlighted for you through every step - the CSV import, the copy and paste, the typing, and basically everything else you do in the spreadsheet. Red is for critical and yellow is for warning. Watch out!

validating mistakes in spreadsheet