$ 29

Per month

1 User
1,000 SKUs
1 Channel
$ for Connector
5 GB Storage
8/5 Live chat


$ 129

Per month

2 Users
5,000 SKUs
2 Channels
1 Free Connector
25 GB Storage
8/5 Live chat


$ 399

Per month

5 Users
100,000 SKUs
10 Channels
1 Free Connector
1 TB Storage
8/7 Live chat


$ 999

Per month

Unlimited Users
Unlimited SKUs
50 Channels
2 Free Connectors
3 TB Storage
16/7 Live chat


The Holy Sheet of Features

Any plan you choose will come with these features included


Multi-dimensional data like it should be


Web store overview in a flash

CSV Import/Export

Freedom to exchange your data

File Storage

All your images, CSVs and PDFs in one place


Slice and dice what you see any way you want


Query your data on any attribute


Tag your products for easier access


Organize attributes for any purpose


Configure your quality control


Bookmark and access items easily

Widgets & Actions

The right precision instrument for the task at hand

Cloud Safety

Don't worry, Google has your back!


Just as you know them from your website


Quickly assign cross-sell, up-sell and other kinds of relationships

The Features You Will Get With Your Pricing Plan
XS Small Medium Large XL
Monthly price $29 $129 $199 $399 $999
Yearly price $99 $999 $1,499 $2,999 $7,599
1 2 3 5 Unlimited
1,000 5,000 20,000 100,000 Unlimited
1 2 5 10 50
5 GB 25 GB 250 GB 1 TB 3 TB
8/5 Live chat 8/5 Live chat 8/5 Live chat 8/7 Live chat 16/7 Live chat

The Connectors We're Working On

You will be able to link your sheet to a range of industry leading solutions

Magento Logo
Magento 2

Connect one server through the API

$ 39

One time fee

BigCommerce Logo

Connect multiple shops through the API

$ 39

One time fee

Magento Logo
Magento 1

Connect one server through an extension

$ 69

One time fee, incl. installation help

Shopify Logo

Connect multiple shops through the API

$ 39

One time fee

Twitter Logo

Connect to one account through the API

$ 19

One time fee

Pinterest Logo

Connect to one account through the API

$ 19

One time fee

Amazon Logo

Connect to one account through the API

$ 29

One time fee

MS Navision Logo
MS Navision

Connect to one account through the API

$ 19

One time fee

Instagram Logo

Connect to one account through the API

$ 19

One time fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using the contact forms

Can I change the currency in which you charge?

No, we always charge US dollars

Do you offer a free trial version?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of Sheetly with no limitations and no payment method required.
But you can only sync a maximum of 300 products back through any connector

When do I have to purchase Sheetly?

You can add your payment details when your free trial ends.

Do you charge VAT for European customers?

VAT won't be billed to EU customers if they provide a valid VAT identification number.

How does connectors work?

You get minimum one free connector depending on the pricing plan you choose. For any additional connector beyond the free ones that you want to add, you have to pay a one time fee.
Read more about Connectors here

How do I unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe you can go to Subscription from the drop-down menu of your Sheetly account options or launch the tool Subscription Manager and at the bottom you will find the option Cancel Subscription .

What happens if I go above my product allowance?

We allow you to break your allowance for the current billing month. If you don't upgrade your plan in the next billing month, Sheetly will freeze your extra products and they will become read-only and not exportable data until you upgrade.

What does Next and Soon mean?

In software you can never predict the future and what will happen, so we will never promise you something we might not be able the live up to - but we will indicate what we are working on Next and what we expect will come Soon.

Can I sign up for a waiting list and be notified when Sheetly is ready?

Absolutely. Requesting a demo will automatically add you to the waiting list.
Read more about Connectors here