Sell more through better content

All-in-one tool where you can bring your product data together and prepare it for everywhere you sell

With Sheetly you can ...

Finally import perfect data in your Shopify store with one click
Avoid errors and high costs to correct them
Escape endless hours modifying product descriptions, images, and prices
Avoid missing opportunities by not selling your products on multiple channels
Build a consistent brand look and monitor image quality
Get an insight to the numbers that matter the most

Bulk import your products to Shopify

You can start by syncing from your Shopify store, copy and paste data from any external spreadsheet, import a CSV file or just start typing

Build trust with your customers

Spot any errors in your product data before publishing on your web store. Relax and allow Sheetly to verify your data


Products in red and yellow shows you what needs your attention

Optimize your content for all channels you sell

Enhance your product descriptions with AI to create compelling product stories

All your images in one place

Finally, you can see all your product images in one place and work them – edit, assign to products and we will analyse them for you

Gain real insights into the quality of your product data

Improve your products to drive better customers experience and increase sales

People who trust Sheetly

"When we looked at data management solutions we could not find anything we can afford and that would save us from the many hours we spent on managing our growing catalog of products"

Søren Mejnertz

Manager at

A tool that you can both afford and know how to use

Multiple tools required to run a web store

You may struggle with finding and utilizing a growing demand for tools that each solves a bit of the technical problem, but always a little bit different

The cost of good PIM tools are prohibitive

You may struggle with being willing to pay $10.000s per year for the premium tools that the big web stores are already using to outperform the competition

The technical skill requirements are too high

You may struggle with how to format a CSV file properly to comply with the latest specifics of the cart system or systems that is connected to the web store

A tool that you can both afford and know how to use

Yearly (Save 2 months / 17%)
Pocket 14-day free trial


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  • 1 platform

  • Only Shopify tests

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Purse 14-day free trial


  • 5.000 products

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