Everything You Need To Know About Our Future Beta Club

Joining Sheetly's future beta club comes with endless opportunities and zero setbacks

With which eCommerce platform can I test Sheetly?

Sheetly will be able to be tested with Magento 1 and 2, and with BigCommerce. You won't be able to connect any other eCommerce platform to the product spreadsheet. But you will be able to use Sheetly to bulk manage your products and export them when they're ready.

Will the beta club be free?

Sheetly’s beta club will be free to a point. You will be able to test the product spreadsheet free of charge for the first 5,000 products. If you use our product on a bigger scale, we will charge you a symbolic amount of $5 for each new batch of 5,000 products you import up to the maximum 25,000 limit.

What is expected of me as a beta member?

All we want in return is for you to stress-test Sheetly, be patient if it breaks and give us constant feedback about what can be improved.

What are the benefits of joining Sheetly's beta club?

As we mentioned, the benefits are endless. If you stick around and keep using Sheetly, you will be given a discount off the price of our ready product, for which you will contribute immensely. You will be able to import all of your data and edit it in a spreadsheet. Yes, in a beta product, but it will still grant you all the features we've already promised such as bulk management and validation.

What happens with my data when the beta club ends?

You can export your products in a CSV file once the beta club ends. You can also do this when you want to stop using Sheetly. There are no obligations and you are in full control. Export your data, clean up your spreadsheet if you want and that's it. You will also have the option to migrate your data to the new version of Sheetly.

When does the beta club membership ends?

The beta club membership ends once we've gathered enough feedback from you and we are ready to launch the full version of Sheetly. We will be updating you on the process of the ready product's development and will give you one month notice that we're launching.

Are there any Magento features this beta version doesn't support?

Yes, there are just a few Magento features that Sheetly's beta version doesn't support. You won't have access to bundle products, tier pricing, group pricing, and custom options.


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For the time being, Sheetly works only with Magento 2