Specific Magento Elements

In addition to all of our product features, the Magento connector provides you with these specific elements that will empower your product management



Sheetly supports store inheritance from Magento. The product spreadsheet can provide you with an inheritance for core data, related images, and categories.

inheritance in sheetly

Sheet, widgets & actions

Image Management

Image management is much easier in Sheetly than what you've experienced in Magento. You can store and browse through a sheet with all of your media files and organize them SEO-wise individually. You are able to manage your product gallery with a simple drag and drop, and a few clicks to upload and make product pictures primary, small, thumbnail or basic.

assign images in spreadsheet
Types of Products

Sheetly supports these types of Magento products: simple products, configurable products, grouped products, and virtual products.

Assigning Relationships

In Sheetly you have a widget that helps you assign all cross-sale, up-sale & related products with a few clicks.


You can have 250,000 SKUs or more in your product spreadsheet. The number will depend on store views and websites.

Store Views

In Sheetly, you can set up multi-store views and as many website views as you need.

Tier Pricing

You can apply quantity discounts to a specific store view or customer group within the product spreadsheet.

Group pricing

In Sheetly, you have the opportunity to set up customer group pricing, so that members of a specific customer group can shop with a discount.

Custom Options

In the product spreadsheet, you can create Customizable Options in bulk. This way you'll offer your customers a selection of options even easier.

Sync to Magento

You have the ability to get your products out of Sheetly and into Magento and the other way around with the help of only one button that synchronizes the two systems.

Category Creation

In the product spreadsheet, you have the option to create dynamic categories for your product data in bulk.